The Placenta Alchemist

Once upon a time in a land I call home, a young woman gave birth to a son. In front of her cabin home, a white pine sat, stoic and patient, planted not so long ago. The new father buried the babe’s afterbirth under the White Pine. The tree took notice and felt nurtured by the afterbirth, like the babe once had been in his mothers womb. As the son grew into a young man, the tree too matured, both being carefully cared for.

The Placenta AlchemistOnce upon a time in a land where two sea’s meet, a lovely woman gave birth to a daughter. The women of her community watched and the placenta was born soon after. Bowls of salt and flower water sat by, waiting to anoint the organ that once nurtured the new babe. The women rubbed and cleansed and whispered sweet prayers to the placenta and placed it into a special sac. Every evening this was done, all while the baby girl was still attached. As the babe was nurtured, so was the placenta, creating peace within the spirit of the village.

Once upon a time in a land where the buildings touch the sky, a woman gave birth to her first babe. Her husband and mother carefully organized tools and ingredients in her kitchen. They took the new babes placenta and prepared it for ingestion. Love and care was placed into each capsule, as the new grandmother encapsulated the dried placenta by hand. Being carefully nurtured by the grandmother, the ingested capsules warmed and nourished the new mother. At the same time, the new babe was being warmed and nourished by its mama.

We all have different rituals and beliefs of the placenta. Some choose to plant theirs, some choose a lotus birth and some ingest it. All ways are good ways. All ways bring nourishment to the new mother-baby dyad. If allowed, the placenta will nurture you with her spirit. Her hormones and nutrients are perfectly designed for you.

Your baby’s placenta is believed to:

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