The Nomadic Midwife

All who wander are not lost- William Shakesphare

I am a traditional midwife who loves to travel the world, assisting women in childbirth.

I travel for those seeking a homebirth and are unable to find a provider. I travel for those seeking care and midwifery knowledge in underserved countries. I travel for those who desire a legal autonomous licensed midwife and we cross state lines together.

I have traveled to many places, providing midwifery care to many families. My first out of country midwifery experience was in Bali Indonesia. It was here my two passions, midwifery and traveling, collided and opened the doors for me to provide such a service.


What is this!? What does this look like?
Many families have no out of hospital option or midwifery care. My hope is to serve these families by traveling to them or to an agreed upon location. It is here I will serve by providing midwifery care and/or doula support.

What type of care will you receive?
We will stay connected throughout your pregnancy via phone, email and skype routinely. Prenatal care with a local professional is important. Together we will review your care with them, your chart and get to know each other on the same schedule as my local midwifery clients. At 38 to 39 weeks of pregnancy I will travel to you and we will continue prenatal care until your birth.

What will postpartum look like?
I will stay with you in your home or nearby for 1 week with daily visits assessing you and baby while you recover and enjoy your babymoon. At 1 weeks time, I will return home. Continued postpartum care for the next 5 weeks will be done via skype, email and phone call. Continued postpartum care with a local primary care provider is strongly encouraged!

Is this legal?
This depends on where you live. I am a nationally credentialed Midwife in the United States and Licensed in the state of Wisconsin. Laws vary from state to state and country to country. Research is important and knowing legalities keeps things safe for both you and I.

Do I pay for your travel expenses?
Yes. All of my traveling costs will be your responsibility unless other arrangements have been made. This includes transportation to and from your place of residence (plane, train, bus, or gas), a form of transportation such as a car or bicycle during my stay if indicated and a place to stay (your home, hotel, camper in your yard. Not joking. I would love this!). It is also your responsibility to pay the fee for your birth prior to traveling. For those in financial need, a reduced rate is available.

So you just leave your family and midwifery practice for a month!?
Yes and no. I have wonderful women holding down the fort while I travel. My family may accompany me (at no cost to you) if circumstance allows.

How many moms do you take a month?
If I am traveling to you, it’s just you that month and I only take on 1 or 2 traveling clients a year*. So that means if there is even a glimmer of interest, contact me! My months do fill up pretty quickly.

*This does not include my Illinois clients wishing to cross state lines to have their baby with me in Wisconsin.

Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
p: 773.964.6096
f: 847.512.4835

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