Menarche Parties

Menarche- The first occurrence of menstruation

The first blood is an important mark in ones life. It is natural for the women in our lives to want to celebrate this, and it should be celebrated! Celebrating our menarche shouldn’t feel weird and our little sisters shouldn’t feel ashamed. Having a ceremony and/or party will begin to break the cycle we women have experienced in our own lives, the cycle of shame, the cycle of secrecy. We need this to heal our bodies, to honor our bodies and to empower the future.

So how do I fit in?

I meet with you and the young woman that is going through her transition, to get an idea of the type of celebration and/or ceremony you see yourselves hosting. I then take your needs and ideas and plan a gathering for this exciting rite. My involvement can be as simple as providing a detailed menu, shopping list and activities. Or as elaborate as shopping for the menu, setting up your home and leading the circle and ceremony. This is totally your call!

I am your advisor, your errand woman, your spiritual counselor.

Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
p: 773.964.6096
f: 847.512.4835

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