Mother Blessing

It is the day. Women arrive bringing gifts. Each body is smudged at the threshold. We circle around, sharing blessings and birth stories; the mother-to-be is made ready for her journey.

It is the day. Our bodies and minds are quieted. In a circle we hold hands, feeling the pulse of the life force making its way through each of us. Together we place our power of sisterhood into the mother-to-be. We connect our spirits to her with a ball of yarn. The yarn is tied to each wrist. We sing. We dance. We dip our hands in rose scented water.

It is the day. Dusk has descended. Fire is built. The Goddess is called. Together we create a powerful mood and empty our fears and expectations into the flames. We create a safe space for the mother-to-be.

With loving hands, the mother-to-be is made ready for her journey. Each blessingway is different. Each blessingway is a chance for women to come together to adore and care for the mother-to-be in a spiritual capacity. Gifts are brought to the mother to show comfort and support for her during her labor. This is different than a baby shower and no two Blessingways are the same.

So how do I fit in?
I meet with you to get an idea of the type of celebration and/or ceremony you see yourselves hosting for yourself or the mother-to-be. I then take your needs and ideas and plan a ceremony for this rite of passage. My involvement can be as simple as providing a detailed menu, shopping list and ritual. Or as elaborate as shopping for the ceremony, setting up your home and leading the circle and ritual. This is totally your call! I am your advisor, your errand woman, your spiritual counselor.

What’s the goal?
The goals-to provide space and ceremony to honor the mother-to-be while creating a circle of support.

Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
p: 773.964.6096
f: 847.512.4835

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