What makes me happy?

Soaking in the sun spots of my winter home while reading a book.
Running through the forest with metal music blasting from my ear buds.
Harvesting wild plants and preparing medicines with my children.
Witnessing women find their strength and returning to the wild.

This last one! Ugh! All the feels! Happiness is seeing other women live in their power. I am always humbled watching women go through their rites of passage. As a keeper, I am called to share this wisdom so that you too may share it with your sisters and daughters, and they too share it with their sisters and daughters, and so on and so on. We NEED this! Many of us feel lost in today’s western culture. We are afraid of our nature, the wild parts of us we are blessed with. Don’t let our culture fool you. This is no curse! We need rituals to mark important transitions in our lives. We need more keepers!

For the past decade I have been leading, hosting and sharing in women’s rites of passage and educating others about our bodies and sexual happiness.

Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
p: 773.964.6096
f: 847.512.4835

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