Welcome to my apothecary! Here you will find wild edibles, folk remedies and original plant formulas to nourish and heal and to reconnect to the spirit of the wild.

All of my herbals are made small batch and often seasonal to ensure a quality botanical. All plants are grown in my own organic garden, here in Northern Illinois or locally wild harvested with intention and respect, believing such will enhance the potency.

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Because I am a devout animist, all crafted products, whether single remedies or formulas, will include place of harvest to help you establish a connection to the spirit of the plant and the land it came from. If a remedy seeks an herb I cannot gather myself and is bought from a distributor, you will be made aware. I try my best to stick to the local land. All original formulas, when stated, are the result of my life's work in herbalism.

I have spent countless hours and a decade on historical research often influenced by folktales and cultural stories, personal experimentation in both practice and magical studies, and apprenticeships learning from the local and not so local wise women and men.


  • Community Supported Alchemy (CSA)-
  • The World- Family health
  • The Moon- birth an women’s health
  • The Magician- flying ointment and magical items
  • The Lovers- Aphrodisiacs

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Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
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