The Doula

Yes, my love is homebirth. I’m a homebirth midwife! BUT my number one agenda is informed choice. It is your right. It is your body. It is your birth. If you desire a medicated birth in the hospital, do it! If you want a scheduled cesarean because you need to work, do it! If you want to give birth on a bear skin in a teepee while a storm rolls in, do it! You deserve support and respect for your choices. All women do.

Women have been mentoring each other through the journey of pregnancy and birth since the beginning of time! The support of a doula has been proven to have a positive effect on the birth and the family’s overall experience. A birth doula is an experienced & knowledgeable woman that gives emotional, physical & educational support throughout pregnancy, birth & the postpartum period.

She helps the laboring mother find the strength within during her rite of passage into motherhood. In doing so, the mother is able to have an empowering and memorable birth.

aboutmeDuring Pregnancy
As your doula, I help you become informed. I will assist you in understanding the process of labor and birth and encourage you to trust your body. Through prenatal visits before the birth, I will give you the skills to successfully evaluate all of your options in a hospital, home or birth center birth. I support you as you listen to your intuition and understand which method or methods may be right for you and your baby. As your doula, I will also show you how to effectively communicate your desires to your birth team, whether it’s your primary care provider or a family member that will be present at your birth.

During Labor
I will be by your side through the entire process. I will comfort, support & physically care for you and your partner. I am knowledgeable of birth, pain coping techniques, comfort measures, optimal fetal positioning, and I specializes in other areas such as midwifery and folk herbalism. I know what normal birth looks like but I am also skilled to understand high risk births. In times of decision making, I am there to help in both hospital births and homebirths. Knowledgeable in medical terminology, I will remind you of your options, it’s risks and benefits and any alternatives.

My presence will support your confidence as your labor and birth unfold.

During Postpartum
I am confident and have countless resources to help you develop the perfect postnatal team. I am knowledgeable in the process of breastfeeding. My comfort and assistance will re-enforce the fact that we are perfectly designed to care for our babies. I understand the power of choice. As your doula, I will support you even if your path leads you in a different direction than myself.

So what does this service look like?

From start to finish:

Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
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