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Hey! I’m Andrea Bukiewicz. I am a Certified Professional Midwife and a Licensed midwife in the state of Wisconsin. My midwifery journey began in 2007, assisting women in both hospital and home. Here I saw our cultures disillusion towards birth and the harm it can cause. This experience catapulted my midwifery studies, beginning with my midwifery degree from National College of Midwifery in Taos New Mexico. I have had the honor of participating in a few hundred births, the bulk of them in the homes of my clients. I believe in the power of women mentoring women. This belief not only held true during my 4 year traditional midwifery apprenticeship, but it also reflects in the care that I give.

img_8041In 2013 my studies sent me to Bali Indonesia. Here I spent a summer interning at Bumi Sehat Birth Center and apprenticed under awarded humanitarian, Ibu Robin Lim. This experience helped me mature into the midwife you will know today. A strong woman who is here to protect our rite of passage and help women birth in such a way that honors its process, all while providing evidence based care and informed consent.

My own introduction to the healing arts and feminine teaching looked very similar to my midwifery apprenticeships, my grandmother sharing her eucalyptus folk remedies and family stories. Her love began the preparation for what was to come and helped cultivate my spirit and trade. Outside of midwifery and folk herbalism I am an athlete, tattoo enthusiast, bone collector, devout animist and avid traveler with my two children and our Goldendoodle, Loki.

Look what I have done and am doing!

From 2007 to Present:

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What’s in store for education and experiences in 2018?
At present I can be found working towards a higher degree in midwifery and roaming the wilds broadening my relationship with plants and expanding my knowledge as a folk herbalist. In 2018 I will be applying to graduate schools to earn my MSM, Masters of Science in Midwifery and I’m looking to do some more international volunteer work! Midwives for Haiti is on my radar. I am also preparing myself and business to open up a free standing birth center with Stateline Midwives. Our goal is to provide easy access to quality midwifery care to IL families just over the state line in Wisconsin.

Andrea Bukiewicz, CPM, LM
p: 773.964.6096
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